Getting ready for an Estate Sale? 

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts. 

1. Don't throw anything away.

2. Don't take anything to Goodwill.

3. Pack all the things you will take with you.

4. Leave everything you don't want right in the drawers and cupboards.

5. Leave the rest to the estate sale company.

What the estate sale company needs from you:

1. A large box of garbage bags.

2. Bags and boxes if you have any in the house.

3. Keys to the premises.

4. 1-2 weeks to complete the sale.

5. A list of newspapers in your area that may be helpful for the Professionals to use for advertising.

We plan to spend 4-6 days working in your house after you have moved out. Then we hold a 2-3 day sale. A three day sale is only used for more than $15,000 of merchandise. The first day of selling, all prices are firm and we do not haggle with people. The second day is 1/2 price. With a 3 day sale the second day is usually 20% off. At the end of the sale, the Liquidator arrives to purchase everything that is left in the house. This money goes into the cash register as a sale.

When the sale is closed after the first day, many jobs have to be done by the Professionals to get ready for the second day. Then the crew needs to get home and rest for the second day, which can be busier than the first. At the end of the second day, (if that is the last day), the crew is closing the sale, selling the leftovers to the Liquidator, packing their supplies, tables and signs and perhaps helping the Liquidator pack his items. They empty the entire house in a timely manner and the house is swept before we leave. We do not clean the house.

Disbursement is made 4 days after the sale is over, since checks and charges have to clear the bank. You will have made arrangements in advance as to when you will meet for the exchange, or your documents can be mailed or emailed to you.

Estate Sale people are usually bonded and insured for your protection. You can ask if they are and request a copy for verification.

Estate Sale people may or may not be appraisers. There is no requirement that they be "licensed" appraisers. Anyone with many years experience in the antiques business can correctly price antiques and collectibles. A "licensed" appraiser means they have taken classes to learn how to value property that is lost by fire, theft, or water damage. Some have specialized areas of antiques and some do not.

Once you have left your merchandise to the care of the Professionals and we start working on your sale, we expect to make a commission on everything that is in the house. If you decide to remove items, you will pay a commission on them unless they are exempted in the contract. That is why we ask you to make decisions on your items before you call us. If there are things that you cannot decide on we will exempt them from the sale until you make a decision. Of course, you may change your mind at any time before the item is sold.

If is important that you trust your estate sale professional. We will be working in your house for weeks without supervision. If anything is removed before the sale, be sure you know why. If I need time at home to price something like jewelry, which takes hours to sort, I will ask you if I may remove it, price it and return. Integrity is the most important aspect of our business.

If at any time during this process you don't feel comfortable about something, be sure to speak to your estate sale professional. Good communication is essential to your comfort in this stressful situation. All of us in this business value our clients above all else and would want to know about any problems. The time to settle any disputes is when they happen, not after the sale is over. After a successful conclusion we hope you will want to write a letter of recommendation for us to use with future clients.

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