Consignment at Kellie’s

A place to recycle EXTRAVAGANT, unwanted goods. Think LUXURIOUS & UPSCALE goods you paid high dollar for, Goods that are WANTED, not NEEDED. 

Thinking about consignment? Please fill out the form below before making an appointment. 
What consignor are you?

Please be sure to read all the information listed below before submitting

1. Original prices of my items is $40 and up and/or have new tags (NWT)

2.Clothes are wrinkle free and on hangers, all goods are clean and like new.

3. I will bring in 20 items or less unless otherwise agreed upon.

4. I understand that consignment means I am longer emotionally attached to my items and will be accepting of what the market brings for them.

5. I understand that my items will be donated if unsellable and/or unsold and I will get the donation slip fo ray tax write off.

6. I understand that Kellie’s uses many platforms to sell my items. To include in store, website, social media, auction, etc. 

7. I understand that consignment is meant to be a fun way to recycle my unwanted , like new items. 

8. I am ready to make my appointment. 


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